Massage Oils Malaysia

Massage Oils Malaysia manufacture aromatic massage oil with natural carrier oil added with pure essential oil and aroma oil, for mental refreshing, aromatherapy massage and muscle relief. All massage oil are safe and effective for direct skin application.


Massage Oils Malaysia

Massage Oils Malaysia manufacture wide range of designer massage oils, body massage oils, EDP massage oils and aromatic massage oils for major masseur industries and cosmetic industries since of 2002.

List of Massage Oils Products in Malaysia

Massage Oils Malaysia offer many varieties of massage oils use for body care and households, safe for direct skin application and ready to sell massage oils online or sell on your massage oils store.

Non-Alcohol Massage Oils - (MO)

100% Non Alcohol massage oils suitable for use for all Muslim, all religions and those sensitive to alcohol. Combination from aromatic massage oils and non alcohol massage oils solution can be use with roll on perfumes or non alcohol massage oils spray.

* Non-Alcohol Aromatic Perfumes Oil (APO)
* Non-Alcohol Aura Massage Oils (UMO)
* Non-Alcohol Body Massage Oils (BMO)
* Non-Alcohol Designer Massage Oils (DMO)

EDP Massage Oils (EDP)

EDP Massage Oils normally use in massage oils bottle with spray head or spray pump. Massage Oils EDP ( With Alcohol ) suitable for use for all skin types and safe for babies, children or adults. Body Massage Oils EDP without harmful chemicals and will not cause headache or dizziness.

* Aromatic Massage Oils EDP (AEDP)
* Aura Massage Oils EDP (UEDP)
* Body Massage Oils EDP (BEDP)
* Designer Massage Oils EDP (DEDP)

Make Your Own Massage Oils Brand In Malaysia

Make your own massage oils products brand. helps you to build and create you brand successful. Start perfumes business with your own Branding right now for just less then RM1000 only.

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Massage Oils Services And Guarantee Malaysia

* Massage Oils Malaysia provide 7 Days Money Back Guarantee on all Perfumes products : Money Back Guarantee

* Visit our Massage Oils Center Malaysia, contact our Massage Oils Consultant.

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* Perfumes Products Cash On Delivery for KL and Selangor, Malaysia.

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